House Dems Overwhelmingly Vote Against Deporting Illegals Who Commit Crimes

Nick Kangadis | February 1, 2024
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Establishment people in this country are the problem. Whether they’re Democrats, liberals, leftists, socialists, some libertarians and a ton of RINOs, they put personal ambition above country, which would be somewhat explainable if they weren’t public servants, working for the government or social media mouthpieces for said establishment.

Living so close to Washington D.C., I can confirm that the majority of the people in this area that are politically-affiliated are nothing more than swamp monsters — even a good portion you’re made to think are “on your side.”

But, one thing is for sure. It appears that Democrats are actively attempting to destroy this country through their push for a foreign invasion through U.S. borders. In fact, they’re actively voting for the worst of the worst to stay here and become the law-breaking citizens that a lot of them appear to be.

On Thursday, House Democrats overwhelmingly voted against the deportation of illegal aliens who commit specific crimes. It should be enough that they’re here illegally, but even with an added crime compounded on top of their illegal status about three quarters of Dems voted against their expulsion from the U.S.

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The vote that the majority of Dems voted against was to determine whether illegal aliens who committed Social Security fraud or were convicted of driving under the influence should be deported. Both measures did end up passing, but not without the protestations of the bulk of Dems.


As you can see in the above video, 158 of the 213 House Dems voted against the Social Security resolution, while 150 voted against the resolution to deport illegals who drove under the influence.

Leave it to Dems to hate the idea of punishing criminals for committing more crime.


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