Hey Tommy, Tommy! Tommy Robinson Vindicated in Court on St. George's Day, Unlawful Police Conduct Exposed

Nick Kangadis | April 24, 2024

Hey, Tommy Tommy. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Robinson!

Tommy Robinson is a name that the powers that be have been trying to scrub from society for years. Admittedly, I have written about Robinson for five years since he was released from an unjust prison sentence. He’s been called a racist, an Islamophobe and much more, all because he’s brave enough to speak actual truth to power.

Well, Mr. Robinson earned yet another victory on Tuesday.

Robinson, who is smeared as a “far-right activist” by the bought-and-paid-for British rags (aka establishment media), was cleared of any wrongdoing in a dispersal order case that also proved police had acted unlawfully in its arrest of Robinson back in November 2023. Robinson had been in the area attempting to cover a march against anti-Semitism.

The 41-year-old activist turned journalist was handcuffed, manhandled by an excessive amount of officers and pepper sprayed directly in the face at point blank range.

The main argument against the police’s handling of the situation was that they employed a “litany of catastrophic errors,” including placing the wrong date on the dispersal order.

According to the BBC:

On Tuesday, District Judge Daniel Sternberg ruled there was no case to answer.[…]

Giving his ruling, District Judge Daniel Sternberg said: "I am not satisfied there was a legal authorisation.

"There is no case for you to answer."

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Robinson initially addressed the media, with sometime controversial political commentator Katie Hopkins by his side, following the decision:


The victory appropriately came on St. George’s Day, which is a celebration of the patron saint of England, Saint George. Robinson had not been allowed to enter London without permission since his November arrest.

Robinson gave a brief speech to at least hundreds of supporters waving English flags and chanting for Robinson. There was also a “Get Khan out” chant that could be audibly heard.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has faced increased pressure from the native English over what is a perceived “two tier” policing system, which stems from police doing very little during “Pro-Palestine” protests while persecuting pro-English sentiment.

For video of Robinson’s speech, complete with St. George’s Day celebration, watch below:


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