Get Me a Steak! UN to Call on U.S., West to Reduce Meat Consumption

Nick Kangadis | November 28, 2023
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Call me childish, but when I see or hear a vegan try to lecture people about not eating meat, I just want to sit down in front of them and slowly eat a steak. Vegans and the anti-meat brigade are out of control, and they need to be put in their place. If meat was so horrible, why do vegans try to make their food taste like meat? You don’t see people going around trying to make a burger taste like a carrot.

Fox News is reporting that an agency within the United Nations (UN) is planning on releasing a “road map in the coming weeks which will call on the West, including America, to dramatically reduce its meat consumption.

Is it just me, or has the UN outlived any of its usefulness? No one elected these people. They’re all appointed by world leaders to represent their specific nations in a conference of bureaucrats who only work to enrich themselves and the people that lobby them.

Anyway, according to Fox News, this move is — of course — being executed in the name of climate change. They want you to eat less meat in an “effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Here’s an idea: Instead of telling the West, including the U.S., to stop eating meat, why doesn’t the UN try to grow a set of cojones and tell China to reduce their emissions? Oh, because the UN is a globalist body, so why would they tell a communist country to adhere to such ridiculous restrictions?

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In addition to issuing guidelines for reducing meat consumption in the West, the FAO [UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization] is expected to highlight how farmers should adapt to "erratic weather" and tackle their emissions produced from food waste and use of fertilizer, according to Bloomberg. The recommendations, which the U.S. COP28 delegation may sign onto, will not be binding.

Overall, the road map will seek to guide policy on lowering the climate impact of the global agriculture industry, which has rarely received such attention at past UN climate conferences. Past COP summits have been far more keen to address emissions generated from the global power, transportation and manufacturing sectors.

As I’ve said in the past, climate change is less about the weather — because if it was, all these people pushing it would stop using private jets — and more about control over people.

I don’t remember a time when anyone with a modicum of actual intelligence took anything the UN put out there and adhered to it as if it were gospel.

Eat meat. Eat more meat — if only to piss off a vegan…and possibly the UN.


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