Gender Bending Walmart Thief Explains 'Broke People Steal, I'm Shoplifting'

Nick Kangadis | October 26, 2023
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I’ve seen A LOT of dumb things this week, but this might take the cake.

A TikTok video posted to X/Twitter is quickly going viral of a he…no she…we’re going to have to go with it explaining that they weren’t stealing to a Walmart employee that confronted…it.

A person that can only be described as an effeminate Kevin Hart in a wig and glasses told the employee who confronted it about stealing, that they weren’t stealing, but doing something COMPLETELY different (sarcasm).

“I’m trying to tell the truth,” it said. “But, I feel like you just trying to accuse me of stealing.”

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“Because you are stealing,” the employee responded.

Are you ready for this response from the “alleged” response?

“No, broke people steal. I’m shoplifting,” it fired back while imposing it’s ridiculously long press-on nails on the employee.

I almost can’t be mad at it, because their response was so ridiculous, it might be genius. Not really, but almost.


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