Dr. Phil Tells Joe Rogan Chinese-Owned U.S. Farmland 'Around U.S. Military Installations'

Nick Kangadis | February 21, 2024
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We can talk about Russia. We can talk about Hamas. We can talk about Iran. But, as I’ve said many times, China is the scourge of the Earth. And for years, China has been infiltrating the U.S. right under our noses, but it’s as if they’re not hiding their invasion anymore, particularly at the border.

However, another aspect of the communist Chinese invasion that people generally tend to overlook is not just that China owns a bunch of farmland in the U.S., but where that farmland apparently resides.

On Tuesday, TV talk show host and psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw went on the “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, and the conversation shifted to Chinese-owned U.S. farmland, a topic that McGraw has been looking into more recently.

While people may know that China has bought up a decent amount of U.S. farmland, McGraw conveyed a point that he discovered in his research that may shock you even further than merely the ownership aspect of the subject.

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“I’ve then dug into what’s happening with Chinese buying — the Chinese government or Chinese nationals — buying farmland, and I’ve got a map, if I can find it of where they’re buying this land,” McGraw said. “And it’s around U.S. military installations. They’re buying up land around U.S. military installations.”

Here's the map that McGraw mentioned (Note: The red areas are the farmland China owns.): 


McGraw then went further into the discussion, telling Rogan that it’s not just that the Chinese are buying up farmland around U.S. military installations, but what they could possibly be surveilling at these locations.

“But when you look at it strategically around military installations, it’s really concerning,” McGraw continued. “And then when you look at what’s happening at those military installations that they have land around, like B2 Stealth Bomber training, drone training and all, it’s very, very troubling.”

To say the least, Dr. Phil. To say the least.

For the full segment on this topic from the podcast, watch below:


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