Democracy? American Journalist Jailed in Ukraine for Criticizing Zelensky/Biden Governments Reportedly Dies in Prison

Nick Kangadis | January 12, 2024
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Ah, Democracy. To see how well it works, we need to look no further than in Ukraine, where they apparently jail foreign journalists for criticizing the regime in power, limit religious practices and consolidate media within the country into one of the state-run variety.

If you remember back in September, I reported on a man named Gonzalo Lira. He was an American journalist who was arrested by Ukrainian authorities last May and imprisoned for what his father says was “the crime of criticizing the [Volodymyr] Zelensky and [Joe] Biden governments while in the country covering the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Independent journalist Tucker Carlson posted to X on Friday claiming that Lira’s father, Gonzalo Lira Sr., said his son died at the age of 55 in the Ukrainian prison. Carlson noted that when he spoke with Lira’s father weeks ago, the elder Lira “predicted his son would be killed.”

Below is Carlson's post with Lira's father's announcement, along with his previous interview with Carlson:

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It’s tragic, because I thought democracies — at least how the left has framed it in recent years — aren’t fascist in practice.

According to The Post Millennial:

Lira had been critical of the Zelensky regime in Ukraine and had spoken out against the war that was being waged against neighbor Russia, saying that the efforts by Ukraine and the US were fruitless and wasting lives in a losing undertaking. In their announcement of Lira's detention, Ukraine issued a press release claiming that Lira was "one of the first to support the Russian invaders and glorify their war crimes." They claimed that he had "engaged in discrediting the top military and political leadership and the Defense Forces of our state."

In other words, he was arrested and detained for his political views and commentary. When he was arrested, the Biden administration would not commit to helping the American citizen get out of jail, despite being the major funder of Ukraine's government and war effort.

It’s things like this that make some skeptical when it comes to aiding Ukraine any further than the U.S. already has.


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