The Daily Hypocrisy? Jon Stewart Engaged in Same N.Y. Real Estate 'Fraud' Trump Accused Of

Nick Kangadis | March 28, 2024
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You can thank people like Jon Stewart and his writers over the years for turning politics into entertainment and blurring the lines between reality and propaganda. I never fell for it. Can he be funny at times? Sure. Can he stumble upon a decent point every now and then? Of course. But he turned entertainment into a news source for millions of people, and they were led down the primrose path into believing a once repeatedly failed comedian was their answer to the establishment when, in fact, he’s been nothing more than a mouthpiece for that very same establishment. Some people call that ‘being a fraud.’

And speaking of “fraud”…

If you go by New York Attorney General Letitia James’ definition of fraud, particularly in the case of former President Donald Trump, then the same must also apply to Stewart himself, who ironically has castigated Trump for the aforementioned charge.

It’s been revealed by multiple outlets, but initially by the New York Post, that Stewart “overvalued” his own home when he sold it for $17.5 million back in 2014. According the City of New York’s “Assessment Roll 2013-2014” records, Stewart’s home only had an “estimated market value” of $1,882,609.

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So, doesn’t that make Stewart guilty of the same real estate “fraud” that James, and people like Stewart, have gone after Trump for? Well, of course, Stewart was none too happy for being called out for his hypocrisy and went on an attack of Trump on his X account, using questionable points that have nothing to do with the case as his ammunition.

What’s the matter, Jonny? Can’t take the heat? Well, then maybe you should tell your chef to get out of the kitchen.

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter if the initial case being argued involves Trump or not. It could’ve involved anyone. The argument here is that there seems to be a selective prosecution happening completely based on politics, and some of the people reviling the person they’re going after — while engaging in the exact same practice — shows us exactly who these people are and what their motives seem to be in this particular instance.

This piece of “news” for your entertainment isn’t so funny this time, is it Jonny boy? You might need to call up Adam Sandler so he can give you some work soon, since this whole coincidence that you’re doing “The Daily Show” again during an election year doesn’t look to be panning out.


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