Commie Actor Brian Cox Says The Bible's 'One of the Worst Books Ever,' Theater 'is the One True Church'

Nick Kangadis | May 1, 2024

As far as I’m concerned, the House of Representatives didn’t go far enough in the 1950s in attempting to root out the communists that had infiltrated Hollywood in order to spread propaganda and subvert the American way of life. For Hollywood, it seems to be too late to change course on the red madness that permeates every pore of Tinsel Town.

During a recent interview on “The Starting Line Podcast,” actor and self-avowed socialist — so communist — Brian Cox decided to speak up about a book he believes is “one of the worst books ever” and how the theater is divine.

“The propaganda goes right the way back, the Bible is one of the worst books ever, for me from my point of view because it starts with the idea [about] Adam's Rib," Cox said. "You know, that out of Adam's Rib this woman was created and they believe it, because they're stupid enough.”

Oh, and for those wondering, Cox is really a master wordsmith as evidenced by his love of a single argumentative word, “stupid.”

“Human beings are so f***ed, basically. Basically, they're f***ed. And they have been," Cox continued, according to The Blaze. "And they're not doing anything about it and they'll continue to be f***ed, because they're so stupid, really. That's the thing about humanity is that it is so deeply, deeply stupid.”

So are people stupid? I can’t tell how he feels.

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And then Cox added how the realm he resides in, no bias here at all, “is the one true church.”

“That's why the theater, of all the churches, the theater is the one true church, because it's the church of humanity.”

Church is church, and theater is the theater. Plain and simple. I understand the analogies people sometimes make, like ‘Wrigley Field is the church of baseball.’ What people mean by that is how traditional and respected a place like Wrigley Field is could seem like it’s close to a house of worship in terms of its importance to its place in society. They’re not denigrating religion. Those people are putting respect on a place by putting it in the same breath as a church.

It’s a place to be respected.

But Cox, believing in nothing except the bubble he’s lived in for decades, wasn’t making that kind of analogy. He does what a portion of Atheists do — crap on those that do have faith, because they’re too “stupid” to have a comprehension of something bigger than themselves.

If you'd actually like to watch the full podcast with Cox, watch below:



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