'Cis is a Heterophobic Word': Elon Musk Shames Perpetually Offended in Simple X Post

Nick Kangadis | January 11, 2024
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Let’s get real. I don’t think that the perpetually offended truly understand their uses of “phobias” when it comes to…well, pretty much anything. Take homophobic or transphobic, for instance. No one who doesn’t belong to these communities is really in fear of gay or trans people. Phobia, after all, means fear of. But, the left uses those terms when people don’t wholeheartedly acquiesce to the religion that the Alphabet Mafia pushes on everyone.

One person who knows how to use their own improper use of language against the woke mob is X CEO Elon Musk.

Musk posted a very simple tweet on Wednesday that was sure to draw the ire of those who are always irritable.

“Cis is a heterophobic word,” Musk wrote. “Shame on anyone who uses it.”

In the land of make-believe, cis means anyone who is the same gender now as they were at birth.

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In reality, everyone is “cis.” But to the Alphabet Mafia, particularly the T’s, cis is a slur used towards those that aren’t enlightened enough to be confused about who they are.

For Musk to try and flip the term against those triggered communities shows that he’s just playing their game against them, only better. To feign offense at people who look for any little thing to be offended about is almost like the old Bugs Bunny “am not/are too” game (I guess I’m dating myself here, but the point remains the same).


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