Childless Kamala Harris Tells Women Abortion is a 'Fundamental Freedom'

Nick Kangadis | January 24, 2024
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Imagine having no skin, either way, in the game — even though it’s not a game — of a particular issue and then advocating for the more questionable of the two options. You would think that person was either an opportunist just attempting to capitalize on the polarization of said topic, or that person has some other motive that isn’t being conveyed clearly.

Childless Vice President Kamala Harris sent out a post on X of part of her speech from Monday in Wisconsin where she spoke of how abortion is a “fundamental freedom” for “women across our nation.”

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I wasn’t aware that killing babies in the womb is “fundamental” to the “freedoms” that women enjoy in the U.S. And while I don’t have children on my own, I’ll never understand how not being allowed to have an abortion is akin to robbery.

I just find it ironic that a woman who has never, and never will, have children is telling women to fight for their right to be childless as well. Now, you do have a right not to have kids. But, an unborn child having a woman that has no concept of what it is to have a child advocating against its life is just plain sad…kinda like Harris.


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