'Biden! Biden! Biden!' Huge Migrant Caravan Headed to U.S. Chant President's Name

Nick Kangadis | November 9, 2023
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President Joe Biden’s regime appears to have no interest in putting the people that put them in power first. Migrants, soon to be illegal immigrants, know that, and that’s why they love chanting the Biden name.

In video posted to Twitter/X, a crowd that’s part of an enormous migrant caravan currently headed to the U.S./Mexico border can be clearly heard chanting the president name.

“Biden! Biden! Biden!” the migrants are heard repeating.

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While the establishment in Washington D.C. focuses on everyone’s border but the one they were elected to protect before any other, migrants from around the world show their disrespect for any laws we might have on the books that our government simply doesn’t enforce anymore.

The Biden regime is guilty of facilitating an invasion into the U.S. And while no one seems to be held accountable for their supposed treason against their own people and country, the proof is in the pudding, which not many can deny any longer.


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