Antifa Terrorists Claim Responsibility for Setting Fire to 6 Concrete Trucks Meant to Pour 'Cop City' Foundation

Nick Kangadis | November 16, 2023
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The domestic terrorist group Antifa is nothing more than a bunch of cowards. They’re not cowardly in the sense that they have no problem enacting violence, rioting and committing terrorist acts. But, they only practice their violent tendencies when the numbers favor them. Individually, they present about as much of a threat as a goldfish does to a shark.

If you couldn’t tell, I flat out don’t like these losers. And now, they’ve given yet another reason to feel a justifiable hate towards the group.

The Post Millennial noted that the “Antifa-affiliated blog” called “Scenes from the Atlanta Forest” took responsibility for setting fire to multiple concrete trucks that were meant to pour the foundation for the infamous “Cop City.”

“On the night of November 13th we set fire to 6 Ernst Concrete trucks at 553 Seaboard Industrial Drive,” the November 15 post read. “Ernst is pouring the foundation for Cop City.”

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I don’t know if you’re aware, but an act like the one they’re claiming credit for is called…wait for it…thanks for being patient…terrorism. They’re literally trying to shut down publicly funded construction through fear.

If that wasn’t enough, the little bastards bragged about how good what they do feels.

“There was a time when contractors were afraid to take on this project,” the blog read. “If we can make the cost of the contract greater than the profit, they will drop it. Sneaking around at night is fun and burning shit is cool.”

Yeah, really cool…ass.


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