Anti-Israel Violent Racist Goes After Pro-Israel Protester: 'I'll Kill You,' 'White Fa**ot'

Nick Kangadis | April 26, 2024

Getting lost amid the rash of anti-Semitism among pro-Hamas protesters is the rise in racism against white people - of course, both are horrible. The establishment tells us that white people are the most racist, but if you’ve actually taken notice in the last couple of years, black people have let their racist flags fly because they know there’s no repercussions for their actions.

Some crazed loon of a black man was held back by police while hurling violent death threats at a white man, while spouting homophobic slurs at the same time.

“You fa**ot mother f***er! Suck my d**k!” the man shouted at the pro-Israel protester.

Just as a side note, in telling someone to “suck my d**k,” doesn’t that make that person the homosexual in the situation? He’s the only one demanding gay relations here. Just saying.

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But that’s not all. The black supremacist went on to tell the person he was going to kill them with his bare hands and then called them a “white fa**ot.”

“Suck my d**k, white bastard! White fa**ot!” the man continued.

See for yourselves (Note: Strong Language, of course):

The man above is human refuse, a scumbag, a waste of space. And, of course, he’s a violent racist. And judging by his own words, maybe he needs to examine his own sexuality.


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