Amid Financial Struggles, Jesse Kelly Says WNBA is 'Just a Charity for Lesbians'

Nick Kangadis | June 13, 2024
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Ah, the WNBA. Honestly, and this isn’t a slam at the great female athletes that make up that league. But, with the existence of the NBA and the amazing things those male athletes can do on the court, I’ve never found women’s basketball interesting or exciting enough to watch, let alone buy a ticket or go to a game.

Outspoken, nationally syndicated host of the “Jesse Kelly Show,” Jesse Kelly, reposted an article from The Blaze about the financial futility of the WNBA, even with an increased focus on the league following the addition of Indiana Fever point guard Caitlin Clark.

In the piece, an “anonymous WNBA team executive actually admitted that “this league would be hard-pressed to exist without the NBA.” This refers to the $12 million annual subsidy the WNBA gets from the NBA, which began in 2003 under late NBA commissioner David Stern. The league also gets around $12 million per year as part of a TV deal with ESPN to broadcast games.

In comparison, as reported by Reuters, the NBA just signed a new media rights deal with NBC, ESPN and Amazon last week worth about $76 billion over an 11 year period.

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For his part in his reposting of the article, Kelly noted why he believes “nobody watches” the WNBA, going so far as to say the league is nothing more than “a charity for lesbians.”

Is he wrong? Is it more than Clark has been getting pushback since entering the league because she’s straight, that she’s white, both or neither? A betting man would probably put their money on the race aspect, but that’s a topic for another day.


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