Activist Group Calls for Black Chicagoans to be Exempt from Paying Property Tax as Reparations

Nick Kangadis | March 12, 2024
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At this point, asking for reparations is just asking for a handout. Basically, ‘I’m too lazy to earn what I deserve, so I want what other people — that have nothing to do slavery, or racism for that matter — have earned that I don’t really deserve.’ And the latest ask for reparations just sounds like people who don’t want to pay their bills like everyone else.

The founder of the group Reconstruction Era Reparation Act Now (RERAN) is calling on the city of Chicago and Cook County, which is where Chicago resides, to stop charging black members of the community property tax.

As reported by Fox 32 - Chicago, founder Howard Ray “emphasized that escalating municipal and county taxes are leading to the displacement of Black residents from their homes.” Ray acts like black people are the only Chicagoans to be charged with paying property taxes.

So what does Ray think makes the black community exempt from the same responsibilities as everyone else?

“People lost their homes because of property taxes,” Ray said. “Because everybody's been overcharged. So what we want to do especially for the Black community because we're very fragile, we want to keep them and preserve them here and by doing that, we can hold onto our culture in Chicago.”

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Did he just say that black people are “fragile?” Sounds kinda racist to me, especially when considering that calling for a group of people to be treated with kid gloves because you think they’re “very fragile” is saying they’re lesser than others.

And, if that wasn’t stupid enough, the group reportedly attempts to combat “tax inequity.”

Give me a break! All law-abiding people, regardless of color, pay taxes. No one wants to, because you have no choice. You’re essentially being robbed. But, that doesn’t mean that you should be exempt because of the color of your skin. That’s discrimination. And last I checked, that was supposed to be a bad thing — or at least that’s what leftists and activists keep pretending to be against.

For more context, here's a recent phone interview Ray did with a local Chicago AM radio station:



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