NHL Gushes Over Tournament Featuring Transgender Players

John Simmons | November 23, 2022
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Remember how the NHL used to be the league that didn’t wholeheartedly cave to progressive influence? Yeah, those days are over.

This past weekend, the “Team Trans Draft Tournament” was held in Middleton, WI, and saw 80 gender-confused individuals participate in what was the first hockey event to feature transgendered athletes. The NHL gushed their support on Twitter, effectively making them no better than the NBA, NFL, MLB, or basically any other major sports league in the world.

In response to the NHL’s support of this event, one user posed a simple question about the tournament, to which the league responded with a tired and overused progressive slogan that ignores reality.

In a sense, the NHL’s choice of words perfectly reflects most attempts by liberals to explain why transgendered women are real women. The second they are challenged, they have to spew nonsense like this because logic is never on their side, forcing them to resort to personal attacks and dumb slogans.

Hockey used to be the one major sport in America where viewers could watch its product without fear of being inundated with woke nonsense. It will likely take a change in the league’s bottom line for any hope of them changing course.

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