NFL Star Watson’s Message To Graduates: Remember ‘God Is Sovereign - He Is In Control’

Eric Scheiner | May 15, 2020

Former NFL Tight End and outspoken Christian, Benjamin Watson, was recently asked to give some advice to 2020 graduates. He told them to remember “It’s not solely about you” and that God is in control.

“Many times there is a larger plan in place that you may not even realize. There are people's lives that you will touch. There are situations and relationships that will happen that you never planned before  - and you look back in retrospect and be like, ‘wow I see why that happened.’ It's not always about you. God is sovereign. He is in control. And even as we talk about right now the situation that we are in as a country, it's not about us individually,” Watson said on Fox & Friends Friday.

“We keep talking about being in this together. We truly are in this together. It's not solely about you. It's about the larger plan. About how can you use your time, your talent, your treasure as you continue through your life for the benefit of others.