NFL Pledges Millions to Woke Organizations

John Simmons | June 2, 2022
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In addition to being the most LGBT-obsessed sports league in America, the NFL is going to be sending millions more to organizations that support woke, social justice causes.

The league announced Wednesday that it will be sending $6.5 million to a variety of organizations, such as the Center for Police Equity (an organization that attempts to remove bias in policing), and a myriad of others. It's a renewal of the league’s 10-year, $250 million pledge to bring about social justice reform, and the latest investment brings the NFL’s total spending on social justice causes to $244 million in just the past five years alone. 

“The greater societal needs that these organizations serve represent the core tenets behind Inspire Change, and their meaningful work and measurable impact continue to inspire the NFL in its ongoing quest for social justice,” Anna Isaacson, the NFL Senior Vice President for Social Responsibility, said on Wednesday.

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Some of the organizations the NFL will donate to are actually solid non-profits with a good mission, but some are nothing more than woke virtue-signaling organizations that are money-grabbing organizations who don't do a lot that is beneficial to society.

So not only is the NFL going to continue to shove the woke agenda down our throats every Sunday, but for the next five to six years, we are going to see millions of dollars get sent to organizations like the ones above that champion woke values and attempt to solve problems in our country in unhelpful ways.


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