NFL Players and Owners Are Creating a 'Social Justice Committee'

Nick Kangadis | January 26, 2018
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The NFL as we knew it is dead. It’s become more about political statements and less about the pigskin. It’s become more about “social justice” — whatever the heck that is — and less about smash-mouth football.

The NFL announced this week that it’s forming a committee to tackle social justice issues as part of it’s $89 million commitment to promoting false narratives.

Excuse me while I get my barf bag. I love sports, but I don’t want a lecture or “lesson” every time I watch. I wish there was another football league where we don’t have to deal with this crap. Oh, wait! There will be soon!

The committee will be comprised of five current and former players and five owners.

According to Sports Illustrated:

The NFL will announce today the latest step in its seven-year, $90 million commitment to players’ social-justice issues, forming a committee of five players and five owners to further advance what the league says is its effort to assist players in trying to make improvements in education, relations with police, and the criminal-justice system in the league’s communities.

The committee includes Kelvin Beachum and Josh McCown of the Jets, Washington cornerback Josh Norman and retired players Anquan Boldin and Aeneas Williams. On the owners side are Arizona’s Michael Bidwill, Atlanta’s Arthur Blank, Shad Khan of Jacksonville, Stephen Ross of Miami and Cleveland’s Jimmy Haslam. The owners were appointed by the NFL; the players were appointed by the Players Coalition, a social-justice group led by Boldin and Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles, among others.

You know how NFL players could improve relations with police? Stop getting arrested would be one idea. The NFL is very much like the Hollywood cult in the sense that they very seldom practice what they preach to everyone from self-righteous bully pulpits.

Speaking of self-righteous...

“From the Players Coalition standpoint,” Boldin said, “we’ve been able to show how unjust our criminal-justice system is, and we’ve been able to work on that. We want change to come from this protest.”

So privileged millionaire football players from a league — who are arrested so frequently that the USA Today has an NFL police blotter — are going to lecture the rest of us on how unjust the criminal justice system is? That’s laughable at best. Six NFL players have already been arrested in 2018, and we’re not even through January yet.

Go ahead, NFL. Keep digging that hole deeper and deeper.