NFL, ESPN Censor God & Jesus Comments Of NFL Player’s Son

Jay Maxson | August 11, 2022
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The NFL and ESPN evidently have no time or tolerance for God and Jesus. Both organizations censored the young son of a player who said he loves the whole world, God and Jesus. 

The boy in question is Aaiden Diggs, whose father Trevon plays cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys. Earlier this week, Trevon brought his five-year-old son to media day and the boy delivered an incredibly positive message to brighten the day.: 

Every time I'm with my dad I love it because he gets me picks and it makes me happy. I love the whole world, I love God and Jesus, and I love my family. 

The NFL’s response? A Tweet stating, "It does not get any cuter than Aaiden Diggs. I love the whole world.” 

The NFL on ESPN’s response was: "’I love the whole world.’ Aaiden Diggs is the gift that keeps on giving.” 

Where’s God and where’s Jesus? They were noticeably omitted from the NFL and ESPN responses, though the Lord gives the free gift of blessed assurance. 

Neither of these organizations felt compelled to explain their censoring of the Creator of the universe. To it's credit, the Cowboys did tweet Aaiden’s entire message. 

As for the NFL, it’s just not that into Jesus Christ. After all, this is the organization that boasts of being “gay, lesbian, queer and transgender.” Unnatural human relations are considered sexual sins by God’s Holy Word, the Bible. Jesus appears to be politically incorrect, unwoke, in the NFL’s world. 

Truth be known, the National Football League has been missing someone for quite some time: Jesus. The league is in dire need of Aaiden’s kind of love for Jesus. It has a huge problem with the wayward behavior of many of its players. 

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That would include the now ex-NFL player who was driving 156 miles per hour with a blood alcohol level twice the legally drunk figure and killed a woman. 

Then there’s a lengthy list of NFL players who beat their wives, girlfriends and children. A New Orleans Saints player beat up a man in Las Vegas a few months ago. 

Quarterback Deshaun Watson is expected to start tomorrow’s game for the Cleveland Browns even though he’s been suspended for the season’s first six games. He allegedly sexually abused up to 30 female massage therapists. 

Yet the NFL and ESPN obviously believe God is someone whose name can’t be repeated and that God and football don’t mix. Though He gave His only Son to atone for our sins.