NFL Coach Jack Del Rio to Leftist Twitter Trolls: 'I’m 100% for America, if You’re Not You Can Kiss My A$$'

Nick Kangadis | June 25, 2020
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It looks like there are still some people who don't care what the cancel culture mobs on social media have to say, and thank God they still exist.

Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio responded to an ignorant Twitter troll who unoriginally called him a racist after they found out that Del Rio "is a Trump supporter." Del Rio didn't hide how he felt about his political position.

Trump supporter or not, if you live in this country and don't plan on moving out of it any time soon, wouldn't it be logical to support the U.S. by wanting it to succeed rather than tear down every statue ever erected in this country, burn down businesses and assault people who disagree with you?

You'd think so, but that doesn't seem to be the case for a lot of people. Del Rio clearly isn't one of those people.

Amen, coach! I'm 100 percent for America, too!