Newsom's California: Thieves Lift $500K In Merch From Store in Broad Daylight

Brittany M. Hughes | July 18, 2022
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A group of thieves made off with half a million dollars in high-end merchandise from a store in Malibu, California late last week in a brazen, broad-daylight robbery caught entirely on camera.

The group, made up of half a dozen young Black men and women, busted into the Malibu Lumberyard’s Maxfield store on July 12, shoved past a security guard, and began grabbing armloads of designer handbags before running back out of the building, around the corner, and across the street into two waiting vehicles. All six thieves reportedly got away, according to the Malibu Times.

The entire incident was captured on camera by one of the store employees, who can be heard sarcastically thanking them for their business as they lift entire armfuls of goods out of the store with the theft detectors sound off.

Strings of broad-daylight robberies in high-end stores across California have been reported in recent months, with groups of thieves looting shops and executing quick smash-and-grabs to make off with thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise in a matter of moments, seemingly uncaring that the whole incident is being caught on camera.

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In January, three suspects strolled into a Walnut Creek Macy’s and made off with handfuls of high-end watches. Last year, in that same shopping center, between 50 and 80 looters in ski masks sporting crowbars busted into a Nordstrom, grabbed as much stuff as they could carry, and fled in a cadre of about 25 vehicles.

In April, a man was caught on camera calmly walking out of a Target store with an entire shopping bin overflowing with stolen loot, totally unconcerned by the employee who tried to stop him.

Numerous jewelry stores have also taken hits from looters, including a Princess Bride Diamonds jewelry store, a Kay Jewelers near downtown Los Angeles, and a "Heart of Gold" jewelry store in San Jose.

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