Newsom: Cali 'Won't Be Doing Business With Walgreens' After Chain Stops Selling Abortion Pills By Mail In Red States

Brittany M. Hughes | March 7, 2023
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Remember that time that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis targeted Disney because they came out actively against a state law prohibiting public educators from giving porn to kids and teaching kindergarteners about crossdressing, and liberals absolutely lost their minds?

The left conveniently doesn’t.

In a hilariously ironic and not at all ideologically inconsistent turn of events, leftists are praising California Gov. Gavin Newsom for saying his state “won’t do business” with Walgreens after the major drug store chain said it won’t be distributing abortion pills by mail to nearly two dozen Republican-led states over legal concerns.

“California won't be doing business with Walgreens or any company that cowers to the extremists and puts women's lives at risk. We're done,” Newsom tweeted Monday.

To be clear, Walgreens isn’t “cowering” to anyone, but is rather taking the sound advice of their attorneys who say selling mifepristone - one of two abortion-inducing drugs taken in tandem to trigger a force miscarriage in the first trimester - by mail in states where it is legally prohibited could land the company in legal trouble. The company clarified in a statement posted on social media that it will sell the drug wherever it is lawful to do so, regardless of whether the pill is used to murder a healthy pre-born baby for the convenience of the mother.

But that didn’t stop Newsom from targeting the chain simply for abiding by state laws.

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While it’s not yet clear what specific actions the governor plans to - or legally can - take against the retail pharmacy chain, a spokesperson for Newsom’s office told Reuters in a statement that “all relationships” between Walgreens and the Golden State are now under review. The company operates more than 500 locations across California.

As we wait for more details on exactly how all this will go down, leftists are praising Newsom for taking a stand for a woman's right to abort her own child in the name of "reproductive freedom," with rabid left-wing producer Michael Moore calling for a national boycott of the drug store. Liberal writer Ed Krassenstein echoed on Twitter, "If all Democrats in America decided to instead shop at CVS, Walmart, Target, and Costco, Walgreens might just change their mind."

Of course, that'll be a bit hard for people in blue cities like Portland, where Walmart just announced the closure of its last two locations thanks to a massive spike in retail theft that's made profitable store operations impossible. In fact, given the rise in daylight theft and smash-and-grabs across Newsom's socialist utopia, Walgreens might actually stand to save money by getting kicked out of California.

Perhaps Newsom should spend a little less time worrying about what's happening in all the GOP-led states his own residents are fleeing to, and a little more energy dealing with the rampant crime, out-of-control theft, homelessness, and drug addiction happening in his own.