Newborn Baby Survives After Being Thrown Over a 6-Foot-Wall In China

Brittany M. Hughes | June 11, 2018
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A newborn baby girl was found abandoned in a dirty courtyard in China after reportedly being thrown over a six-foot wall – on International Children’s Day, no less.

According to the Daily Mail, the baby was found alive with the placenta still attached on a filthy courtyard floor in the Xiade Village in Fuzhou City, located in East China. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was found to have a fractured skull and bleeding on her brain, as well as injuries to her lungs and heart.

Here's a shocking video someone snapped with their cell phone as residents first discovered the baby and launched a rescue (and fair warning: it's pretty graphic):

Thankfully, doctors say they were able to stabilize the little girl.

Authorities are now urging the baby’s parents to come forward, but have so far had no luck.

This very fortunate little girl is just the latest in a very unfortunate string of abuses against children in China, where the oppressive Communist Party has enforced a strict two-child policy that leads to many parents abandoning additional children or unwanted baby girls.

In 2013, a newborn baby boy was rescued from inside a sewage drainpipe. Last July, a newborn baby girl was found in the bush by the side of the road in a shoebox, her umbilical cord still attached. Then, in August, a 24-year-old mother wrapped her newborn baby girl in several plastic bags and tried to mail her to an orphanage.

Just last week, another newborn baby was dropped off at a hospital in East China by a stranger who claimed he’d found her lying in the grass. Police later found the Good Samaritan was actually the child’s biological father.

Fortunately, all of these children survived. Unfortunately, so many others do not.

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