New Zealand PM Freezes When Asked To Define the Word 'Woman'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 3, 2023
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Newly inaugurated New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins fell flat on his bumbling face when asked point-blank by a reporter to define the word “woman,” a basic question ay 8th grade biology student should be able to answer but which apparently stymies politicians and judges all over the Western world as though one were asking them to do advanced calculus in their heads at 2 a.m. while on a bender.

“How do you and how does this government define a 'woman'?” reporter Sean Plunket asked Hipkins during a presser.

“To be honest, Sean, that question’s come slightly out of left field for me,” Hipkins said.

Which is odd, since he seems to be standing pretty solidly in the middle of left field himself.

“The…well…biology, sex, gender…um…” he stammered.

Finally, after an uncomfortably long moment of silence, Hipkins said, “People define themselves. People define their own genders.”

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"Starmer has said that he believes 99.9% of women do not have penises,” Punket pressed, referring to British political and Labour leader Keir Starmer, who came under fire recently for saying scientifically correct things that angered the alphabet mafia. “And I know it’s a strange thing for him to say but given recent events in New Zealand, I’d ask again, how do you define what a woman is?”

“As I believe I’ve just indicated, I was not expecting that question, so it’s not something that I’ve, um, you know, formulated, reformulated an answer on,” Hipkins replied, seemingly to believe one needs time and a dictionary to know what an adult human female is. “But in terms of gender identity, I think people define their gender identity for themselves.”

Let me help here, Chris. A "woman" is an adult human female. And a "female," if we want to get more technical, is a human marked by XX chromosomes, which can't be changed no matter how much testosterone you pump into them, how many healthy body parts you chop off, or how emphatic they are about their "identity" delusions.