New Yorker Article Warns About the Rise of 'Latino White Supremacy'

Ken Meekins | June 1, 2023
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You better watch out for those “Latino white supremacists,” according to an article published by the New Yorker. 

On May 30, the magazine published an article titled, “The Rise of Latino White Supremacy," which attempts to explain that "Latino" and "white supremacy" isn't a self-contradiction by citing the recent shooting last month in a mall in Allen, Texas, committed by a Latino man.

According to the article, “In fact, Latino white supremacy isn’t an oxymoron, and carrying out a premeditated mass shooting in the United States is one of the more American things a Latino could do.” 

Author Geraldo Cadava explains how Latinos can potentially subscribe to “aspirational whiteness” and “multiracial whiteness,” claiming that Latinos can desire to be white so they can fit into the “racial and capitalist” order of the United States and avoid the alleged discrimination that African Americans experience. 

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Cadava also finds it concerning that the rate of Latino Americans buying guns has increased significantly in recent years while mentioning some of the more recent shootings committed by Latinos, suggesting we should question whether it's smart to promote inclusion when it comes to gun ownership. 

“We live in a country where everyone from university deans to corporate executives extolled the virtues of assimilation and diversity, but the growing diversity of gun owners who inflict mass death should cause us to rethink inclusion’s underlying assumptions.” 

He concludes the article by saying that the rise of “Latino white supremacy” is a “marker” of Latino assimilation into American culture.  

Sounds pretty racist.

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