New York Times Praises Communism, Gets Absolutely ROASTED On Twitter


The same great minds at the ever-oblivious New York Times that once brought you “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism” are back with a new album, this one entitled: "How To Appall Readers and Destroy History.”

In their new boneheaded tweet, the NYT Opinion page submitted the following for public consumption:

Of course, for all its flaws, communism has also led to the deaths of more than 100 million people worldwide, is responsible for mass gender-based abortion and sterilization, led to slews of human rights atrocities, landed people in extreme poverty and starvation, and inspired some of the most horrific workplace conditions ever known to man.

But dream on, ladies.

Unsurprisingly, the NYT’s tweet instantly crashed in a blaze of public ridicule.

Some openly mocked the New York Times for its ridiculous white-washing of communistic violence.


But you keep doing you, NYT. For all your flaws, at least you're good for a laugh. 

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