New York City Councilman Drafts Bill to Ban Smoking While Walking

Nick Kangadis | March 21, 2018
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Let me get this straight. So, you can smoke and you can walk, but you can't do both at the same time?

That is what one New York Councilman is proposing in a bill that he could introduce "as soon as Wednesday," according to Fox 5 - New York.

Apparently, the problem is for non-smokers who walk behind someone who is smoking while walking. Queens Councilman Peter Koo (D) touted his proposed bill as "simple."

"My bill is very simple, no smoking and walking on New York City sidewalks," Koo said.

The prospect of getting a misdemeanor for smoking while walking isn't something smokers are too pleased about.

"I'm not standing in one spot, it's not gonna happen," Ian, a smoker in Flushing told Fox 5. "As I'm walking, it's outside, I'm not blowing it in anyone's faces."

How many places are there left for smokers? I don't smoke, but it's not for me to judge someone who does. I can understand not wanting people to smoke in an enclosed environment. I get that. What I don't get is why smokers are persecuted against for going outside to smoke? If SJWs are allowed to have their "safe spaces," can we give smokers - who are people too - a little respect for going outside to feed their habit? It wasn't too long ago people could smoke indoors.

"This bill is not against smoking just don't do both together," Koo also said.

So if you've got 'em, light 'em up. 

Just don't do so while walking in New York.

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