A New Report Says Facebook Pays Filipinos $2.33 an Hour to Check For 'Offensive' Content

Nick Kangadis | May 30, 2017
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Despite Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s constant call for a $15 minimum wage and a universal basic income for all people in the U.S., he certainly doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Reports have surfaced showing that Facebook “has been hiring young Filipinos” as content curators and paying them a ridiculously low wage.

According to the Daily Mail:

But a Mail on Sunday investigation has discovered the multi-billion pound social networking site employs hundreds of young Filipinos – some with limited English skills – who work gruelling shifts and say they earn just £1.81 an hour.

They are forced to decide in seconds whether or not to delete videos, pictures and posts which are too graphic or violent. 

Staff face being sacked if they fail to meet strict quotas that mean they have to assess hundreds of extreme posts every shift.

The £1.81 an hour Facebook pays these young people is equivalent to $2.33 an hour.

Kinda sounds like a sweatshop to me.

Give Zuckerberg credit. That’s only $12.67 an hour less than what he publicly states people should make. I mean, come on, it’s not like he’s paying the Filipino workers just 15.5 percent of his proposed $15-an-hour wage.

Oh wait. He is.

The Daily Mail also reported:

The MoS found that Facebook outsources some its moderating work to staff in the Philippines employed through multinational professional services firm Accenture.

Five employees interviewed by the MoS said moderators at Accenture's Manila office earned starting monthly salaries of 24,000 pesos (£376) for a six-day week of eight-hour shifts. 

It means they earn the equivalent of £1.81 an hour. After five months, salaries are said to increase to 29,000 pesos, the equivalent of £2.19 an hour.

This is a stark contrast from when Facebook announced back in 2015 that they would require contractors and vendors to pay their employees a minimum wage of at least $15 an hour.

I guess globalist Mark Zuckerberg can demand things of others, but don’t expect him to follow his own mandates for his own company.

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