New King Charles Won't Attend Climate Cult Meeting After 'Consulting' With PM

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 3, 2022
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Sure, many of us Americans might have a less than scholarly and less than practical understanding of how monarchies operate - perhaps our grasp of royalty might not extend much further than ordering at Burger King or listening to “Duke of Earl.” But reports of Charles the Third, the new King of England, deciding not to attend the upcoming “COP 27” Climate Cult soiree, all because the new British Prime Minister “told” him not to do so, seem rather odd.

After all, this is the same man who for years has burned lots of “evil” fuel, zipping ‘round the globe faster than one can say Philaes Fogg, and who, in March 2021, even introduced his own perverse version of the Magna Carta, called the Terra Carta, a manifesto of “rights” he pretends belong to Mama Earth, when the term “rights” can only apply to human beings respecting each other and leaving each other free from coercion and aggressive violence. You can read a full story on that here, at MRCTV.

So it comes as a surprise that Charles would decide NOT to push the planet closer to climate Armageddon by flying (with a cheap, coach-level, ticket, surely) to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, from November 7 to 18, but that’s what The StraitsTimes reports, and they amplify by noting that he decided to stay home after new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss objected to him attending the conference.

“Britain's new monarch, who took the throne when his mother Queen Elizabeth II died last month, had intended to deliver a speech at the Nov 6-18 gathering, London's Sunday Times reported.

But the plan has been axed after Ms Truss - who was only appointed Prime Minister by the late Queen two days before she died - opposed it during a personal audience with King Charles at Buckingham Palace last month.”


This initially was described by The Mirror as Truss “ordering” Charles not to go, and has been softened, or molded, into the latest spin, of the UK Minister of the Environment claiming that el Kingo has “other priorities” at the moment.

Other priorities?! What could be more important than the burning of the planet into a dystopian cinder where only sun-block manufacturers and windmill makers thrive and we toil in steaming, Climate “Changed,” ocean-flooded misery?

After all, last year, when Charles was just the lowly Prince, he made sure to lead his entourage and meet other private-jet-setters in Scotland for COP 26, where, of course, their electric cars had to be charged using portable, Diesel-powered generators.

That was awesome, and it really mattered.

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But now, for some reason, Charles isn’t heading south to Egypt. One of the biggest hitters on the Climate Cult tour isn’t attending the next Climate Fear-fest.

Now, as noted, I’m no expert on the British power structure. My knowledge extends about as far as knowing that the British monarchy can dissolve Parliament, a newly formed Parliament can take its place, and Parliament controls the finances for the monarchy – all of which is supposed to be constrained by the Magna Carta, which King John signed in 1215, insuring that certain fundamental rights of the people were to be “hands off” to the government (something completely inverted by Charles’ proposed “Terra Carta.)

So, one wonders whether those initial reports of Truss “ordering” the King around represent a conflict as potent as those that saw monarchs dissolve various Parliaments in the 1500s and 1600s, or, perhaps, it was more a matter, of image-shaping, to avoid the King inciting even more anger at a UK government that has engaged in lunatic “Climate Change” energy policies that have pushed Britain on the brink of suffering its worst power shortage since World War Two.

Britain faces home energy price increases of 80 percent over the next few months, and former PM Boris Johnson’s 2021 prediction that it will be a difficult, cold winter, seems more and more likely.

Perhaps Truss is advising him on public relations. Perhaps she’s being more forceful. One thing is certain, Charles doesn’t have a very good record siding with freedom and the rights of people to make private arrangements for how they heat their homes and power their vehicles. In fact, given that his father, Prince Philip, once said that if he were to be reincarnated, he would want to come back to Earth as a deadly virus, some folks might be forgiven for thinking that Charles’ anti-freedom, anti-energy attitude is a family trait.

One thing is an almost certain bet. The royal palaces of England will not lack for heat this winter, whether he stays home, or jets around the world to combat the bogeyman of “anthropogenic climate change” that Charles still has not proven to be the existential enemy he and his fellow cultists fervently claim, as they try to sacrifice your living standards to satiate its godlike wrath.

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