New Kansas Bill Would Force Transparency For Abortionists


If you were about to undergo an invasive and possibly life-threatening surgery, wouldn’t it make sense to have information about the surgeon performing it?


Kansas state senators think so, and have passed legislation that will give women more information on the doctors about to perform their abortion procedures. It should make perfect sense, but the new regulation has inspired a leftist freak-out -- probably because it threatens one of their most sacred cows.


Kansas Senate Bill 98 will amend the Women’s Right to Know Act, an informed consent law. Democrats, following the lead of the ACLU, opposed the bill, arguing that women could seek information from the state’s Healing Arts Board and therefore no legislative action is required. Republican Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook begged to differ, saying “it is [our] legislative duty to protect, not to point to another agency.”


The original law, passed in 2012, specifies that any woman about to undergo an abortion must receive information about the procedure itself and the doctor performing the procedure. There are similar laws in 33 other states, designed to inform women about the risks and effects of abortion. Paradoxically, pro-abortion institutions label informed consent laws as “anti-science” because they tell women the stage of development of their babies (er..”fetuses”).



This bill, which will now go to Gov. Sam Brownback, amends this informed consent law to give women the most up-to-date and accurate information on their potential abortion providers. As Life News reports, Kansas has an unfortunate history of abortionists lacking the proper training and experience. This bill will ensure that women know exactly who will be performing their abortion.


Obviously, pro-abortion news outlets are all decrying the bill as an assault on women’s rights. But they're also weirdly obsessed with the bill''s font size requirement. The bill requires that all disclosures be in 12-point Times New Roman font.


It makes total sense that the state senate would require a specific font size in order to prevent providers from trying to circumvent the law by using minute, unreadable lettering. If the purpose of the bill is to ensure women are able to make an informed decision, it needs to make sure the women are actually informed (i.e. they can read the information they are given).


But this is a hard concept for the leftist media to wrap their head around. “Times New Roman Is Seriously Part of An Abortion Debate In Kansas,” the website bustle quips. The Daily Kos calls the requirement a “new low in meddling.”


What’s the big deal? Maybe these reporters know, as abortion providers do, that if women were exposed to all of the information on the abortion procedure, they would be less likely to have one.


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