New Hoverboard Claims to Be Able to Fly at Nearly 100 Miles Per Hour

Ben Graham | April 14, 2016
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You may be burned out from all of the hoverboard wannabes, but this one looks promising -- if a tad bit unsafe.

French jet ski champion Franky Zapata has gone beyond his previous design for the Flyboard, which used compressed water to propel riders skyward, and created the Flyboard Air.

As you’ll see in a video below, Zapata uses the Flyboard Air to soar 100 feet above the ground at 34 mph. But Zapata claims the board can actually fly higher than 10,000 feet and has a max speed of almost 100 mph. 

Whether or not those claims are true remain to be seen. From what we can gather, the device uses a small jet turbine engine fueled by a backpack worn by the rider.

Either way, the concept is there, but the design certainly isn’t ready for commercial use. Even if they were able to attach a parachute, a parachute needs hundreds of feet of open air to function properly.

Regardless, the video is definitely worth a watch to imagine the real, functional hoverboard that you’ve been dreaming about since watching the second “Back to the Future.”



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