New Hampshire High School Wants To Bring Indian Logo Back

John Simmons | October 22, 2021

While the woke mob is trying to eliminate any trace of Indian logos, nicknames, insignia, etc. from the landscape of sports (they have already had success in the NFL and MLB), one high school in New Hampshire is pushing back against the tide and trying to bring back Indian elements to their sports logo.

A group of citizens is petitioning the Winnacunnet High School Warriors in Hampton, NH to reincorporate the Indian imagery into their team logo after the school removed it in the virtue-signaling crazed days that were 2020.

Many have made the outlandish argument that having Indian influence in the design of a team logo is racist and cultural appropriation at its finest. There are so many things wrong with that sentence that it’s hard to know where to start refuting it, so let’s look at why the citizens of New Hampshire’s seacoast want the logo to return to the pre-2020 design.

Winnacunnet School Board Chairman Henry Marsh will be leading the charge as a private citizen, saying he is doing it to preserve “the town’s history.”

The history he is referring to is the fact that the Abenaki and Pennacook tribes lived in the place where the high school now stands. Furthermore, the word “Winnacunnet” means “beautiful place of the pines” in indigenous tongues.

Additionally, WHS student-athlete and freshman DJ Sciacca started a petition that says they want the insignia back because it:

… is a reflection of our town’s history and honors the town’s Indigenous people … they reflected courage, teamwork and resolve’ in facing threats including ‘invading colonists, looking to take their land, dismantle their communities and forcibly change their spiritual beliefs.

That does not sound like anything racist or ill-willed towards Indians. Rather, it sounds like they are honoring a people group who displayed admirable qualities that their sports teams look to emulate.

This is something that sports teams do all the time. For example, Pittsburgh’s NFL team calls themselves the Steelers due to the booming steel industry in the city, and Philadelphia’s NBA team calls themselves the 76ers because the Declaration of Independence was signed in that city in the year 1776. Likewise, Winnacunnet’s choice of mascot and logo is nothing more than honoring that past.

Here’s to hoping the citizens of the seacoast are able to courageously and resolutely stand against the inevitable pushback they will receive from left-leaning crybabies who have nothing better to do with their time than invent problems where they do not exist.