New Google Tech Will Let You Paint in 3D Space With Virtual Reality

Ben Graham | May 10, 2016
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Google recently unveiled their newest foray into virtual reality technology, an app that is meant to give artists the ability to truly immerse patrons into a world of their own imagining.

They call it the Tilt Brush, and its tools allow artists to basically sculpt their works with three-dimensional strokes — even allowing them to paint with otherwise impossible materials such as smoke, fire, snow, and starlight. 

There are even options that allow fashion designers to paint their concepts to scale using textured fabrics like denim, silk, and even leather.

Just imagine walking through a virtual space that is set in Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and try to tell us it wouldn’t be an awesome experience. 

Below you’ll find Google’s promo video that will give you an idea of how the technology will work. It’s unbelievably cool. Just be mindful of your shins when you’re drawing near the coffee table.



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