New Feature - Comment of the Day

Stephen Gutowski | October 4, 2010

Since we've switched our commenting system over to Disqus we have seen an explosion of comments. Here's just a quick overview of our commenter community here at Eyeblast:

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Now that we are getting a ton of awesome and often hilarious comments each day we feel like it would be fun to spotlight one of these awesome comments each day. Here is today's comment of the day from "Chris" in response to "Steve":

Steve, It is amazing to me that you and my wife had exactly the same response to the concept of "merit based pay raises." (she being a teacher of 23 years). "It is not reasonable to hold me responsible for the performance of my students." How come when anybody talks about merit based pay raises union teachers translate that to "how well my students perform?" I've had a dozen bosses in my life and not one of the judged my performance on how well my customers performed. Not one of them judged my performance based on how well others used the products I developed. No, they judged me by my merits. So instead of *ASSUMING* that merit based means student performance, why don't you find an objective measurement that is better than "It's the end of the year and the teacher is still breathing, they get a pay raise." -Chris