In a New Documentary, CBS Praises Human Smugglers 'Helping Migrants' Cross the U.S. Border Illegally

Brittany M. Hughes | April 3, 2019
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Moving on from justifying illegal immigration in more round-about ways, CBS News is now openly praising human traffickers who charge illegal aliens thousands to smuggle them across the U.S. border unlawfully – and often dangerously.

In a tweet that…well, really didn’t go over all that great, CBS published a short video summary of their latest documentary “Border Business: Inside Immigration,” which paints traffickers who’re “helping migrants” cross the border illegally as heroes helping distressed refugees find a better life.

“Helping migrants cross the border is not an easy job, but this man has helped about 2,000 people from different backgrounds - and isn’t stopping,” CBS waxes.

The linked documentary opens with first-hand testimony from a man who admits he “guides” illegal aliens on the journey to the United States. Throughout the next 40 minutes, a CBS team follows a group of migrants making their way through Central America and across the U.S. border unlawfully, woefully explaining the poverty and danger in their home countries that allegedly force them to make the dangerous trek.

On top of sympathetically hailing people who intentionally violate U.S. immigration law as heroes, CBS also conveniently omits some basic facts about human smuggling and its deadly impact on illegal alien families – including their longstanding habit of charging poor migrants thousands to ferry them across the border, their tendency to leave people stranded in the desert resulting in severe injury or even death, and the ever-rising problem of sexual assault that often goes hand-in-hand with trafficking from Mexico.

In 2017, MRCTV reported the case of a 4-year-old girl narrowly rescued by border agents after being dumped in the desert by coyotes. Just last year, another illegal alien smuggler was found to have been keeping a teenage girl as his sex slave after being paid by her mother to bring her to the United States illegally. The trafficking industry’s close ties to sexual assault and sex trafficking have also been well documented, including multiple testimonies from migrant women who said they procured birth control pills knowing there was a high chance they would be raped by their traffickers on the journey north. 

On top of rampant physical and sexual abuse, human smugglers have also been found to have kidnapped children to use them as a “ticket” into the United States themselves, knowing they will likely be allowed to stay if they cross the border with a child.