New Crowder Video Allegedly Shows NAACP Rep. Saying Dems as 'Racist' as Va. Gov. Northam

Nick Kangadis | February 5, 2019
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In a video released late Monday evening by conservative media personality Steven Crowder, appears to show a conversation with a NAACP representative in which they claim that the Democratic Party is "racist."

The video is a clip from a recent episode of Crowder’s “Louder with Crowder” program. Crowder posed as a survey taker asking questions about the recent controversies surrounding Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) in a segment called “Prank Calls.”

Crowder, who uses an impersonation of a “black voice” during the call, spoke to different black business owners to get their take on Northam before deciding to go directly to an alleged representative for the NAACP.

Crowder wondered why the alleged Northam “blackface” picture took over 30 years to surface until recently. The alleged NAACP representative responded with an answer that could raise some eyebrows.

“The Democratic Party know, and they just ignored it because they’re pretty much as racist as he [Northam] is,” the supposed NAACP representative told Crowder.

Earlier in Crowder’s conversation with the alleged NAACP representative, Crowder asked whether Northam’s “support” for third-trimester abortion and post-birth abortion would make the NAACP more or less supportive of Northam.

“Does Gov. Northam’s position on abortion, that it should be freely accessible up until and including the third trimester, does that make you more or less likely…” Crowder began to ask.

“More,” the representative said before Crowder could finish the question.

“Would his [Northam’s] support for post-birth abortion, after the baby has been safely delivered, make you more or less likely to support him?” Crowder followed up.

“Again, I’m gonna say more,” the alleged NAACP representative responded.

Despite the supposed NAACP representative saying that they would support Northam “more” if the governor’s abortion stance came into law, the representative also said that the NAACP’s “official position” is that Northam “should resign.”

“The NAACP’s official position is that he [Northam] should resign,” the alleged NAACP representative stated. “It doesn’t really have that much to with the [blackface] photograph. It has to do with his current policies that are not supportive of black people.”

MRCTV made several attempts to talk to a NAACP representative concerning the conversation in the video. At the time of publication, we have received no response.

To watch the Crowder clip, watch below (Warning: Some strong language):