New College of Florida Trustees Vote to Abolish Gender Studies Program

Haika Mrema | August 11, 2023
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The New College of Florida’s board of trustees on Thursday voted to direct the administration to eliminate the school’s gender studies program, marking a huge step forward in unraveling the left's agenda and helping restore the original purpose of higher education - you know, to actually educate, rather than indoctrinate.

Christopher Rufo, a member of the board, celebrated the news on X (formerly called Twitter):

“The New College of Florida board of trustees has directed the administration to abolish its Gender Studies program,” he said. “We are the first public university in America to begin rolling back the encroachment of queer theory and gender pseudoscience into academic life.”

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis appointed six conservative members to the New College of Florida Board of Trustees to reform the school’s education system and programs. Since then, the board has voted to abolish the college’s DEI office and diversity statements. 

“He [DeSantis] tasked us with a challenging mission: to revive classical liberal education and restore the founding mission of the college,” Rufo told City Journal

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Gender Studies at NCF “draws on curricula across the campus (and beyond) to introduce students to the complex focal problem of “gender” and to support student and faculty research in this dynamic field,” the website still reads. The program offered courses in “queer studies,” “masculinities,” “race,gender, and sexuality,” and “topics in feminist philosophy,” according to the website. Some of the potential career paths included “medicine,” “social work,” and “education.”

Rufo says NCF’s mission is “ultimately incompatible with the disciplines of gender studies and queer theory.”

“The decision of the New College board of trustees to initiate the termination of the university’s gender studies program sets a new historical precedent,” Rufo told City Journal. “Academia’s continued decline is not inevitable. Civic-minded leaders, deriving their power from the people, can use legislation, appointments, and board governance to reorient public universities away from left-wing nihilism and, once again, toward higher principles.”

Amid the infiltration of liberal ideology in our colleges and universities, it is refreshing to know that there are leaders fighting to restore the original purpose of higher education. As a college student myself, I appreciate the efforts of conservative leaders in ensuring that we receive the best education possible. 

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