New Cali Law Forces Stores to Have 'Gender-Neutral' Toy Displays

Brittany M. Hughes | October 12, 2021
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Remember the last time you walked into a store with your daughter, who reached for a PlayDoh truck set and you told her, “No, no, honey, you aren’t allowed to play with that. It’s for boys only.”

Or that time your son needed a new toothbrush and you were offended that the Spider-man Colgate products were a whole three feet away from the My Little Pony toothpaste?

Of course not – because normal people don’t say or think those things. They buy the PlayDoh, grab a bottle of bubblegum-flavored mouthwash, and go about their day.

But according to the state of California  - which should be, oh I don’t know, clearing its long-neglected forest floors to prevent more of the devastating wildfires they blame on climate change – parents throughout the land, and their poor oppressed children, are being victimized by gendered displays of toys and bath products in large department stores – so much so, in fact, that it’s up to the state to put an end to the tragedy.

California is now demanding by law that department stores sell basic items like toothbrushes in “gender-neutral” ways to appease the gender-denying progressive left.

The actual bill, passed earlier this year and just signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Saturday, states that while stores can continue to display boys and girls sections, they must also include a “gender-neutral” area that displays a “reasonable selection” of items for those children who may be drawn to an item not traditionally marketed toward their gender, and those who consider themselves “non-binary” or any of the other 472 terms the left has come up with for not adhering to one’s biological and unchangeable sex. No-no's could include separating items by "gendered" color, like pink and blue, or making sure the Barbies are mixed in well enough with the Hot Wheels as to not appear to be marketing them separately to boys and girls.

The new rule applies to toys and hygiene products, and only includes larger stores with more than 500 employees.

Thank God, we're saved! 

Well, except for those fires and all.