New Buzzwords, New Devils, Same Old Leftist Media Logic


In this week's Wacky Moments Of Liberal Expression:

The week started off with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews getting fired…uh, no, retiring, because there are young people and young people know better than to compliment a woman on the way she looks. So for reasons like that, Matthews is retiring. But he still loves his job, that he’s leaving so he can retire. He most certainly wasn’t fired or dismissed.

MSNBC’s Brian Williams teams up with a New York Times Editorial board member to discuss a Washington Post contributor’s tweet on Michael Bloomberg’s spending. The conversation ends up proving that none of them understand math or facts. 

The leftist media made “emboldened” their new buzzword when talking about President Trump. After their attempts to push impeachment failed they had to come up with something. MRC analysts examined all cable and broadcast news coverage from the month of February, and found 239 instances in which TV journalists alleged President Trump was “emboldened.”

Good Morning America produced a video with “devils” that encourage you to drive to work. Angels also appear and want you to bike - because of climate change. This concept led to one of the most cringe-worthy television segments ever.

What happens when a delusional media talks to a deluded losing presidential candidate? Find out by watching ABC’s Linsey Davis ask Hillary Clinton, “When you look back, would it have been more easy to handle losing outright than to really won, but still lost?”

For more leftist media wackiness, check out NewsBusters.

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