New Batman Comic Goes Woke: Leaves Antifa, BLM-Style Rioters Alone Because Businesses 'All Have Insurance'

Nick Kangadis | May 31, 2022
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(Headline Image: Screenshot/YouTube)

It used to be that comic superheroes knew the difference between right and wrong. Now, since activists are now hired by the major comic publications to write new iterations of established and beloved characters, those characters and what they used to stand for have been perverted to acquiesce to the woke cult.

In the first issue of the new comic series, “Batman: Fortress,” writer Gary Whitta has Batman back down from people rioting as they did during the Summer of Floyd in 2020, essentially turning the “Caped Crusader” into what most leftists want these days instead of actual police — social workers — deciding that rioting and destroying businesses are worthy enough crimes to stop.

During a riot in the aforementioned first issue, Batman has an internal monologue that basically gives the criminals rioting excuses for stealing from and destroying other people’s property.

These places all have insurance. Not my job to protect their profit margins.

In my father’s day, the American Dream used to mean something. An honest wage for honest work. Food on the table. Liberty and justice for all.

Now it’s an illusion, a carrot on a stick, attainable by a few, dangled just out of reach for everyone else.

A bigger TV. A faster car. Shiny objects to keep the masses distracted, while the world burns.

You want to blame them for grabbing the carrot when the lights go out? Go ahead.

But don’t look to me to stop them. That’s not why I do this.

Nice. Real nice.

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So if the communists in Antifa or Black Lives Matter (BLM) come to your neighborhood — burning down buildings, stealing from businesses they don’t own and being the violent mobs they are — we’re now supposed to believe that Batman wouldn’t do a thing about it because those businesses have insurance.

These are some of the same woke delusions espoused during the Summer of Floyd and other riotous protests in recent memory, and local politicians typically gave rioters space to destroy because they're radical activists, too. 

That’s not a crime fighter. That’s an enabler, and it negates the purpose of Batman entirely.

But this is what woke activists do — they take something most people love and ruin it so that the last memory you have of a certain “franchise” or “brand” is perverted to their distorted reality that isn’t really reality at all.

H/T: Bounding Into Comics