This New App Tells Feminists How Many Times Men Interrupt Them

Nick Kangadis | March 10, 2017
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Have you ever wondered how to become the most insufferable person among your group of friends?

Well, now you can be that person with a new life-changing app currently available to download through your phone!

Introducing the all new “Woman Interrupted” app, the tool that's capturing the hearts of modern feminazis all over the globe.

Here’s how it works, as described by the app’s download page:

Equal rights start with equal voices.

Woman Interrupted App uses the smartphone to detect and help reduce Manterrupting - that is what we call when men interrupt women unnecessarily. This behaviour stops women from expressing their ideas at work, at home and in society as a whole. 

Using the microphone on your device, the app detects whenever a male voice interrupts you (for female users) and whenever you interrupt a female voice (male users). Don’t worry. No audio is recorded: everything goes directly from sound to data.

Make your voice heard.

Make your voice heard, indeed.

All kidding aside, if we use liberal logic then couldn’t it be construed that an app that automatically assumes your gender based on your voice is sexist? The Left constantly hammers the rest of us over the head about not automatically assuming someone’s gender based on...well, anything.

This app was created after the agency came across a study from George Washington University that claims that men interrupt women more than the other way around. The only problem is that they don’t. Per the study, women interrupt women more than men interrupt women, so this study doesn’t hold much weight. It’s just another social justice, men-are-the-devil-and-they-need-to-be-checked report that holds no real merit.

As for the app, this story was actually relayed to me by a woman who couldn’t believe something so stupid existed.

Real women and men understand that most of this social justice snowflake propaganda is just that…propaganda with no real substance.

For comedy’s sake, here is the ad for the “Woman Interrupted” app:



H/T: Daily Wire