New AP Poll Shows Support For Violent Black Lives Matter 'Protests' Plummeting Even Further

Brittany M. Hughes | September 25, 2020
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Many times, polls are so wildly off base that it’s laughable. Other times, they're funny because they tell us what we already knew.

Case in point: this new AP poll, which reveals that apparently, average U.S. citizens don’t take kindly to being accosted in the street, screamed at while dining, having their businesses and neighborhoods lit on fire, attacked on the highway, and called inherently racist regardless of what they do.

The new poll found that he Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that as of this week, only 39 percent of respondents said they approve of Black Lives Matter protests, down from 54 percent back in June. Conversely, the AP found a full 44 percent now say they disapprove of the “protests.” 

And the decrease in support isn't just among white folks - it's across the board. From the AP:

Just 35% of white Americans approve of the protests, down from 53% back in June. Just Latinos, 31% approve, compared with 44% in June.

Support for BLM amongst African-Americans has also dropped from 81% to 63%.

If it tells you anything about who's still in favor of all the chaos, the poll also found that only 9 percent of Republicans approve of the protests-turned-riots, while a full 70 percent of Democrats say they're still in favor. According to the AP, "significantly more people on both sides of the political spectrum believe the demonstrations to be 'mostly or all violent.'"

Of course, the AP describes the movement as “protests in response to police violence against Black Americans,” rather than what they actually are: violent assaults on innocent people, businesses and communities that have been left in blood and ashes after thugs decided the only way to get “justice” was to loot and burn down the town where average innocent people live and work. Recent video footage from communities across the country show outdoor diners being accosted and, at times assaulted, by mobs of protesters. Other video shows rioters beating on cars stalled in traffic. The few who’ve stood up to rioters trying to loot and destroy businesses have often found themselves assaulted and left bleeding in the streets, including one elderly man in Kenosha who was left with a broken jaw after he tried to defend his friend’s store and wound up getting punched in the face. 

And weirdly, Americans don't like that.

As numerous polls show support for violent riots dropping as "protesters" reveal their true colors, many Democrats, including presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, have expressed increasing criticism of the senseless violence they had endorsed earlier this year. In early summer, Harris herself donated to, and touted on Twitter, a fund that raised money to bail out violent protesters arrested during the Minneapolis riots.