New Ala. Law Allows Faith-Based Adoption Agencies To Not Place Children With Gay Couples


On Wednesday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law a bill allowing adoption agencies in Alabama to follow faith-based policies, such as not placing children with gay couples.

"The elected legislature of this state overwhelmingly approved House Bill 24. Having served as President of the Senate for more than six years, I appreciate the work of the legislature, and I agree with it on the importance of protecting religious liberty in Alabama," Ivey said. reports, the state House of Representatives last week gave final approval to the bill, which had already received Senate approval.

"I ultimately signed House Bill 24 because it ensures hundreds of children can continue to find 'forever homes' through religiously-affiliated adoption agencies. This bill is not about discrimination, but instead protects the ability of religious agencies to place vulnerable children in a permanent home," the governor said.

"This bill obviously came about because same-sex marriage was approved," state Rep. Patricia Todd, said last week. "It's based in a stereotype. And it's wrong. And we shouldn't discriminate and I will always fight that."

Rep. Rich Wingo, the sponsor of the bill, was asked to respond to the criticisms of those who say they bill allows discrimination.

"The bill is not to discriminate against anyone," Wingo said.

"Nowhere in the bill does it say anything like that or lead you to believe that."

The new law does not offer protection to child placing agencies that receive state or federal funds.

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