Nevada Dept. of Education Might Pass 'Gender Diverse' Anti-Bullying Regulations

Nick Kangadis | April 2, 2018
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The Nevada Board of Education has proposed anti-bullying legislation — on top of the regulations already in place — that gets as specific as possible in case anyone is confused as to who you can and cannot bully.

The thing is no one is allowed to bully already — and rightfully so.

The addition to existing anti-bullying regulations would help protect Nevada’s transgender student population.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

The proposed regulation would require districts to allow students to have their preferred name used during graduation and other ceremonies; would allow students to pick the cap and gown combination appropriate to their gender identity; and would require districts to take steps to prevent discrimination, harassment, bullying and cyberbullying of transgender students.

However — according to — the existing anti-bullying laws in the state of Nevada already prohibit bullying based on the following:

  • Actual or perceived race
  • Color
  • National origin
  • Ancestry
  • Religion
  • Gender identity or expression
  • Physical or mental disability of a person
  • Sex
  • Any other distinguishing characteristic or background of a person
  • Association of a person with another person having one or more of those actually or perceived characteristics

Why not just make a blanket law stating no bullying, period? Also, if “gender identity or expression” is already included in existing education, why the need to single out transgendered people?

You could probably save time and money by listing who the state allows to be bullied — which is no one.

“Frankly, I feel like it’s right. It’s the right thing to do as well for our kids,” Nevada State Superintendent of Instruction Steve Canavero said on Friday. “Don’t think we’re not hearing you by not just stopping the process. We hear you, but we also have a commensurate responsibility in the legal sense as well.”

This possible addition to the existing anti-bullying regulations is merely for the state to be as specific as possible in order to cover themselves legally. This is most likely just in case someone comes forward and says, ‘You guys didn’t mention my demographic specifically. I’m going to sue the state for discrimination.’