Networks Bury Trump’s India Visit, Gave Obama’s 20x More Coverage in 2010

mrctvstaff | March 4, 2020
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President Trump’s state visit to India received less than a single minute of evening news coverage from broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). But back in 2010, those same networks dedicated more than 20 times as much coverage (18.5 minutes) to then-President Obama’s India trip, often making it the top item of their nightly broadcasts.

Each of the evening newscasts allocated just a single news brief to Trump’s trip, all on February 24 (the first day of the visit). NBC and ABC spent a paltry 13 and 15 seconds respectively on the Presidential excursion. While CBS’s report lasted just 23 seconds, it was the only one even to mention the President’s trade negotiations — albeit with a single sentence.

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