Netflix Absurdity: Kaepernick Documentary Accuses NFL Of Conducting ‘Slave Auctions’

Jay Maxson | November 1, 2021

Colin Kaepernick’s overkill was bad enough when it was confined to Twitter. Now it’s expanded to a Netflix series in which he wildly imagines slavery and racism where they simply do not exist. Particularly regarding the National Football League’s annual winter scouting combine, which he amazingly compares to 19th century slave auctions. Kaepernick’s fabricated racism appears during the Netflix documentary “Colin in Black & White,” which he narrates.

“What’s being established is a power dynamic,” an edgy Kaepernick says as he strolls across a background of prospective NFL draftees about to run the 40-yard dash before coaches priming their stop watches to time them. Kaepernick says they (the coaches) do not want the athletes to understand this dynamic.

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Furthermore, NFL coaches are poking, prodding and examining the athletes, while searching for any “defect” that might affect their performance. Which, to a reasonable person, is understandable given the fact that corporate football will invest millions of dollars in the players who are drafted. Football teams need strong, highly fit athletes to help them compete against their rivals, and the combine is their best opportunity to see large numbers of pro prospects in one place.

To Kaepernick, though, the combine is a violation of boundaries that disrespects the dignity of the athletes demonstrating their athletic skills. Hypocritically, this examination of skills is exactly what Kaepernick previously agreed to do in a special NFL tryout arranged exclusively for his benefit in 2019. A tryout he blew off and failed to attend. Instead, he worked out in a different location before members of the media.

Kaepernick turns his back on the camera only to watch enslaved blacks walk off that football field. The scene is transitioning to a slave auction. A slave seller is heard yelling, “Come on, boy. Hurry up. Look at that shape there. Mr. Farmer, got your bid. Thirty to James, thirty to you.” Bidding for slaves in prime physical condition continues, as the screen intersperses black football prospects with slaves. No white NFL hopefuls are shown because it doesn’t fit the narrative of black players being compared to slaves at an auction.

This scene concludes as a slave buyer shakes hands with the auctioneer and the grim-faced Kaepernick stares at the viewer from the middle of the screen.

Breitbart writer Warner Todd Huston commented on all of this, saying:

“The clip represents not only Kaepernick’s monumental ignorance but Netflix’s complete lack of respect for the intelligence of their audience.

“Those on Twitter who viewed the clip reacted dished out, heaping amounts of scorn and contempt for Kaepernick’s absurd and insulting screed.”

Clay Travis tweeted, "Colin Kaepernick compares the NFL combine, which allows all players of all races a voluntary chance to become multi-millionaires, to slavery. Anyone still defending this imbecile lacks a functional brain."

As he continues to snipe away at the NFL during the Netflix documentary, Kaepernick is still working out in hopes of one day playing in the NFL again. He has previously sued the NFL, and he disses it every chance he gets. Yet he thinks it’s good strategy to insult a potential employer and accuse if of racism. Kaepernick’s approach demonstrates a total disconnect with reality and cements his stature of a world-class race-baiter.