Neighbors: Nice Truck Terrorist Was 'Frightening' Loner; 'He Would Stare at the Children'

Craig Bannister | July 15, 2016
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Neighbors of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel describe the Nice, France truck terrorist who murdered 84 people on Thursday as a quiet – but, “frightening” – man who kept to himself.

“He was frightening,” one woman who lived in Bouhlel’s building told France 24 TV:

“I always saw him alone, but he went back and forth often. I’ve been living here for four months, so I’m still getting settled. I often saw him during the day.

“But, he was frightening. He didn’t have a frightening face – but, a look…a look.

“He would stare at the children a lot.”

A male neighbor said Bouhlel never responded to his greetings, but seemed more “discrete” than suspicious:

“We never had an occasion to chat. I saw him two or three times. We said ‘Hello,’ but he didn’t answer. I wouldn’t say he was hiding, but he was very discrete.”