NC State Swimmer Shares Her Testimony of Being Around Lia Thomas

John Simmons | June 22, 2023
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By now you’re familiar with Riley Gaines and her fight to protect women’s sports. It appears her stand has instilled courage in another female swimmer who suffered from the presence of "trans athlete" Lia Thomas in the women’s division of NCAA swimming.

NC State’s Kylee Alons is the most decorated swimmer in Wolfpack history and was present for the 2022 National Championships. Thomas was also at the event and participating in the women’s division since the NCAA was all too eager to be woke, which meant that Alons and Thomas shared the same locker room when changing before and after events.

Thomas is still a man, which means that his biology reflected that. As a result, any girl unfortunate enough to have been in the locker room would have been exposed to his male genitalia.

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Alons saw the situation unfold and unfortunately had to take extreme measures to avoid this disturbing situation. She hid in a storage closet and changed in there to maintain some measure of privacy.

If real women cannot change in a women’s locker room without fearing that they’ll have to stand in front of a naked man, something is fundamentally wrong with the athletic experience and should be changed immediately.

That is why Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) - who has been active in the fight to protect women’s sports - met with Alons on Wednesday and heard firsthand the atrocities the swimmer has experienced because of the actions of a deranged man and a deranged organization.

Many other swimmers have likely experienced something similar to what Alons has shared. In time, they may too choose to share how the NCAA and Thomas’ actions have radically changed the landscape of women’s sports in an incredibly negative manner.


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