NC Sheriff Defends Second Amendment in Speech: 'I Am Not Going to Enforce an Unconstitutional Law'

Nick Kangadis | January 17, 2020
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Sometimes you hear a speech by someone, and it might not be flowery or “scholarly” by the standards of the “elite,” but it's still beautifully said to the point that it makes real people think or say out loud, ‘Hell yes!’ This is one of those speeches.

In North Carolina, Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Tripp Kester stood before the Davidson County Board of Commissioners Tuesday evening to express his thoughts on the assault on the Second Amendment currently happening in portions of the country.

Kester’s comments came before the Board unanimously voted to approve a resolution to “make Davidson County a Second Amendment protected county,” according to The Dispatch.

The captain spoke in front of a packed room who hung on his every word in absolute silence, and for good reason. Kester’s words built towards a crescendo in which the audience gave him a standing ovation, especially for once sentence in his speech that didn’t mince words.

“I am not being disrespectful,” Kester said, “but regardless of what you do or don’t do, I am not going to enforce an unconstitutional law.”


If you’d like to watch the entirety of Kester’s speech, which lasted a little over two minutes, watch below:


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